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11:30 AM -- Welcome to the February 2 edition of Net Video Notes. Today's version will have almost nothing to do with net video since (A) it's Groundhog Day and it would be disrespectful to ignore that, and (B) the only news on net video today is Paris Hilton saying some offensive word. So here we go:

  • This guy is over a month late with his take on "you" being Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Well, I guess he has all year to respond, technically. But in case you were with him under the rock, this net video is a big deal.

  • MobiTV is working with AT&T to bring U-verse IPTV service to the small screen.

  • What?!? No Groundhog Day cookies?? We are suffocating our youth!

  • This heathen rants about how Groundhog Day should be outlawed. I have a feeling it's going to be a long cold winter. But what do I know? I'm not a groundhog.

— Punxsutawney Phil Harvey, Meteorologist, Light Reading

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