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NOON -- Welcome to the January 26 edition of Net Video Notes. Please, only 100 GB of your attention at a time:

  • Kyte.tv explains to Light Reading who they are and why we should care.

  • Dude, Internet video searching capabilities are so wack. Here's how some companies are working to rectify it.

  • We all know that Internet video has no business model for success. But a new report from JupiterResearch says that doesnt matter -- they're just building an audience. Isn't that a relief...

  • But despite no clear plan for success, our friends in South Africa seem to think they have it all figured out. Democracy TV integrates all the worthless content on your computer and on the Internet. In other words, it makes it easier to watch the crap you've already been watching. Yet somehow, I'm more confused than ever.

  • Off Topic: New Zealand evidently has a sheep-to-human ratio that rivals New York's rat-to-human ratio. To appease their merciless woolen overlords, the New Zealanders have declared February 15 National Lamb Day.

— Phil Harvey, Sheepish Editor, Light Reading

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