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1:15 PM -- Welcome to the guilty pleasure that is the January 25 edition of Net Video Notes. I've got one story for each finger on your left hand:

  • Behold! I give you Leapfrog! A new site from Spymac that lets you -- get this -- share video on the net! Upload your photos, videos, music... whatever you like! What's more: They'll even pay you for your content! Leapfrog joins a very short list of similar services that are out there. I might go home early.

  • It is becoming more and more evident that the 2008 Presidential Election will be won on the internet. YouTube user ratings will reportedly replace the Electoral College.

  • Microsoft lands three new IPTV customers.

  • Nortel plots its own IPTV acquisition strategy.

  • Domino's Pizza reveals that they were the sneaky little buggers behind a series of viral videos used to create hype over some lame new promotion. If you don't enjoy this blog within 30 minutes, the Net Video Notes are free!

— Phil Harvey, Not that Phil Harvey, Light Reading

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