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1:00 PM -- Welcome to the January 24 edition of Net Video Notes. These five stories are so good they'll make you wanna smack yo mama. (That's an expression. We don't advocate hitting here. Play nice. Indoor voices and all that.)

  • Nielsen releases a report on how Internet video is changing the economics of television.

  • Will the Xbox replace your set-top box?

  • Oversi, another P2P video play, isn't just saving network bandwidth. They think they can boost telco IPTV content, too.

  • Internet video could be screwing cable MSOs. Boo-hoo-friggin-hoo.

  • The British are coming! The BBC's looking to strike a deal with Google to provide content on YouTube. Strike a deal? You mean YouTube has a business model?

— Phil Harvey, Not that Phil Harvey, Light Reading

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