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11:15 AM -- Welcome to the January 23 edition of Net Video Notes. Let me be honest with you -- you're going to love these five stories:

  • Is the Internet ready for the traffic crush of online video? (No.)

  • Internet video will no doubt be a big revenue generator in the future. But what is the best way to develop a business model for realizing these profits?

  • RAZR-sharp Motorola has been getting creamed in the handset market -- its main business -- but the company is enjoying success in the still developing connected home industry.

  • Google jumps even further into the Internet video business.

  • Here at Net Video Notes, we always save the most important and most critical stories for last. That said, you simply must catch up on the life and times of the "Putting Parakeet."

— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

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