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1:00 PM -- Welcome to the January 9 edition of Net Video Notes. Here are five items we thought you should see:

  • Brazil update: YouTube has been officially blocked in most of country. If only there were other video sharing sites out there...

  • MediaZone unveils Social TV. Which may end up promoting antisocial behavior.

  • Verizon to make Internet video content available on FiOS. Now if only they made FiOS available in populated areas, we'd have something here.

  • From our friends in New Zealand: Broadband-enabled televisions to reach 162 million by 2011. That's one million for every game in a baseball season. Coincidence?

  • Off Topic: Investigators are still looking into what caused the gaseous smell that stank up Midtown Manhattan yesterday. Please make your own Light Reading editor jokes in the boards below.
— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

Scott Raynovich 12/5/2012 | 3:16:54 PM
re: Net Video Notes RE: The Gaseous Stench: Is it possible it was coming from East Rutherford, where the Giants, Jets, and Nets are based?
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:16:54 PM
re: Net Video Notes Could be. There was a similar odor around Valley Ranch and near Irving, TX this week.

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