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12:20 PM -- Welcome to the January 5 edition of the Net Video Notes. Here are five items we thought you should see:

  • Brazilian judge orders YouTube to prevent Brazilians from viewing steamy videos of Brazilian supermodel. Is that an act of treason or something?

  • Videos of ballpoint pens in a blender are the most important content on the Net today. Will advertisers finally ever figure this out?

  • Crime 101. Don't post your transgressions online for the world to see. Police officers have computers, too.

  • Oh, poop. Someone used the old IPTV's still in diapers analogy to lead off a Top 10 list.

  • Google buys stake in Chinese Internet video site. We thought about blocking this story so you couldn't see it. But that would be evil, wouldn't it?
— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

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