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MSN Picks Narrowstep

NEW YORK and LONDON -- Narrowstep Inc., the TV on the Internet Company, has been chosen by MSN to provide content for their sports video site, beginning on October 15, 2006 in the UK. MSN selected Narrowstep to provide top quality extreme sports and football content to complement their sports video offerings on http://www.msn.co.uk/ .

Content will originate from the production arm of Narrowstep, Sportshows Television and from their range of sports-related clients who own internet channels, such as ESA Sports Box. MSN will provide links to Narrowstep-powered channels providing a vital distribution component for TV-over-IP channels.

Narrowstep is best known for their telvOS(TM) technology used to power a range of TV-over-IP channels including Sail TV, Martial Arts TV, Cycling TV, and Field Hockey TV, in addition to non-sports channels such as iTV Local and London TV.

"Content is a huge commodity, and the Internet is already awash with video and other content, but finding quality content is another issue," said Will Bromage, business development EMEA at MSN. "We wanted to work with Narrowstep because of the high standard of their content and also because they are leaders in the TV on the internet business."

"We're obviously very pleased to partner with MSN, they are a major global brand with thousands of users and our content will reach an even wider audience," said Steve Beamont, CEO of Narrowstep, Inc. "It will also allow MSN to broaden their offering and hopefully grow their base of users."

TV-over-IP channels are a growing proposition in many countries and are finding markets hungry for the new platform. Narrowstep's telvOS(TM) system provides the backbone for TV-over-IP for 90+ channels globally, representing niche market interest groups ranging from entertainment, tourism, gaming, sports and local broadcasters who want to expand their market and remove geographical boundaries to broadcasting.

Narrowstep (OTC: NRWS)

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