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MSFT Reaches for Smaller Operators

5:50 PM -- Microsoft announced that through server virtualization, its IPTV platform, Mediaroom, now scales down for smaller IPTV providers. According to Microsoft, a deployment previously requiring 60 servers might now only take 10. Once the domain of only the largest of IPTV operators, including AT&T and MTS Allstream, Microsoft appears to be attempting to broaden its reach into the Tiers 2 and 3 markets. Its virtualization press release highlights Reservation Telephone Cooperative, based in Parshall, N.D.

Is Microsoft too late for North America? The larger carriers have pretty much made up their middleware minds. The middleware scene for smaller North American operators was quite chaotic the past couple years but has seemed to stabilize recently. In fact the middleware scene has gotten quite crowded with Myrio, Minerva, Quative, Alcatel-Lucent, Conklin-Intracom, Innovative Systems, and others all, I’m sure, welcoming Microsoft with open arms. Is there enough business to go around?

— Bernardin Arnason, Managing Partner, Pivot Group , and Chairman, TelcoTV 2009

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paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 4:04:02 PM
re: MSFT Reaches for Smaller Operators


As far as I know, Frontier has not picked a middleware.  Century has already been working with MediaRoom, so one can assume that the combined company will end up there.

Beyond that, TDS and Windstream don't seem to be moving and the smaller telcos are going to have a diverse setup.  So potentially, this was in the works to make the Tier 2s more effective and pick up Frontier.



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