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LR Ranks Video Sharing Sites

Feeling left out of the whole video sharing revolution?

Don't be. In the latest Light Reading Top Ten List -- Top Ten Video Sharing Websites -- we've attempted to clear up some of the confusion around the video sharing space. The report examines 45 of the top video sharing sites, examining who they are, what they're doing that's different, and why content makers and advertisers are turning to them to reach a growing number of people who aren't normally on the couch with the clicker in hand during the daytime.

For broadband providers, video sharing is becoming a huge trend to watch, as the volume of traffic required to serve videos is on a tear. According to Nielsen/NetRatings , the top five most active video Websites attracted a combined 72 million unique users in July alone. Those folks spent some 43 minutes apiece, on average, watching videos online.

The report contains the latest in a series of Video Cheat Sheets, a feature comparison chart that started on Light Reading's blogs back in June. (See Video Site Cheat Sheet and Video Site Cheat Sheet II.) That heavily requested section of the report is right here.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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