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Kitchen Table Research

Nothing like a little "kitchen table research" as a change of pace from sifting through spreadsheets and quantitative market analyses.

Marketing geeks everywhere know that the classic innovation adoption curve segments the consumer market into early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. In the U.S., broadband is now moving into the late majority, the beginning of the final 40 percent of market penetration.

A conversation with a friend this week offered a classic late majority adoption tale.

    Late Major: I'm finally giving up dialup. I just called the cable company to order high-speed, and decided to go for the telephone and TV, too -- the whole package. Whaddya call it?

    BroadBanana: The triple play?

    Late Major: Yeah, that's it. Seems like I can save a lot of money doing that.

    BroadBanana: Hey, buy in bulk and save.

    Late Major: Have you heard of YouTube?

    BroadBanana: That name sounds familiar.

    Late Major: A friend was showing me all these cool videos on the Web, stuff I'd never seen before. I tried it at home, but it just wouldn't work with dialup. So, I figure it was time to upgrade to high-speed service.
The late majority speaks. Looks like cable can thank Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) for at least one new triple-play customer.

— Michael Harris, Chief Analyst, Cable Digital News

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