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Joost Shifts Focus to Video

Online video firm Joost is taking a new strategic direction, and is restructuring the company to focus on selling a white-label video platform.

Joost has whittled down its personnel to a "core team" of employees in New York and London that will work on selling its technology as a white-label video platform. Joost spokesperson Kerry Vance wouldn't comment on how many employees were let go as part of the re-org.

There has also been a bit of shuffling in the senior exec ranks, as Mike Volpi, who famously took the CEO job at Joost after an acclaimed career in the telecom sector, has stepped down as CEO but promises to remain involved as chairman of the board.

Matt Zelesko, the company's senior vice president of engineering, will be taking over as CEO; and Stacey Seltzer, who currently serves as senior vice persident of international business development, will run all business operations.

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