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IPTV's Crowded House

1:40 PM -- LONDON -- IPTV World Forum -- So here's the thing. The show floor here in London has been busy, and there's been a buzz around the place, and that's good for the whole industry. There's life in this sector and business to be won for the 125 or so companies with a presence on the show floor, as well as some of those that haven't been so visible this week. (See IPTV Forum: Show Floor Shockers!)

After all, Europe is at the heart of the IPTV revolution, accounting for more than half the world's telco TV subscribers. (See Europe Dominates IPTV Landscape.)

But the market is still relatively small: A global customer base of around 21 million, even if it is growing at a decent lick, is not enormous.

And according to one seasoned IPTV executive who's been around from the sector's inception about six or seven years ago, and who knows the nature of the deals to be won, "There's just not enough money to sustain all these companies. Some of them are going to have to go."

Just which companies might not have the cash or the clients to keep their doors open is the big question.

The good news for a number of the companies here is that IPTV is not their only business -- the show floor is littered, for example, with test-and-measurement companies that have expanded into the telco video sector based on their existing IP capabilities. (See Ixia Enhances IxRave and RGB Tests With Spirent, for example.)

It's the small, specialist, IPTV-focused companies that are likely to suffer if our industry source is right. Next year's show floor might tell the tale of which companies didn't make it.

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:08:11 PM
re: IPTV's Crowded House

That IPTV market is something so strong, I hope they don't dream it's over.

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