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9:30 AM -- ATLANTA -- A note from my Thursday panel, a wide-ranging discussion of interactive TV, targeted advertising, and new content:

Bill Squadron, president of the IP Prime service at SES Americom , gave telcos some reassurance when he said they should just get the platform right. After that, there's plenty of time to fret over specific applications and ways to make revenue on their TV services.

An all-IPTV system lets you start with straight television service, he said, then move into providing targeted ads, flexible programming, and other things that will let consumers know their TV service is unique.

Chris Pizzurro, VP New Digital Media at Turner Entertainment Group, recounted that Turner has made a few fits and starts into providing broadband entertainment -- once by working with a proprietary set-top system.

But with each attempt, it came away with valuable data about how consumers behave and how sponsors react, Pizzurro says. That knowledge, combined with the flexibility of an IP network, leads to things like Super Deluxe, a content site with page views in the millions.

Pizzurro also teased PlayON!, Turner's upcoming sports network that will focus on regional and local sports. The way it works, he says, is that camera and production kits are supplied to local colleges. Then those kids become network affiliates of sorts for Turner, providing a library of games and event coverage.

To Squadron's point, if you have an IPTV system, new content concepts the likes of PlayON! won't be a scary proposition. You simply make the content available and, if all goes well, the right local sponsor to insert its ads.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

Heavy DM 12/5/2012 | 3:00:07 PM
re: IPTV's Ad World Phil -- Was there any talk about how Turner sees the revenue model for PlayON!? !?!
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:00:06 PM
re: IPTV's Ad World If I'm not mistaken, the college journos are pretty much free labor, so they don't require a rev split. So Turner just sells ads (probably some locals) on the back of the programs and they keep it all.

I don't think they have to compensate the schools at all.

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