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IPTV Xbox Comes to London

6:00 AM -- Remember the excitement in January about the IPTV-enabled Xbox? Well, it's back, and it's coming to London in a few weeks' time. (See Microsoft Adds IPTV to Xbox, Microsoft, Verizon Aren't Playing Games, and Should the Xbox Be Your Set-Top?.)

The organizers of the co-hosted IPTV World Forum and Connected Home events in London (March 5-7) announced yesterday that the multifunctional Xbox 360 will be demonstrated during a Connected Home keynote address on March 5. (See Microsoft Shows Off Xbox IPTV.)

Exciting though that is, it's going to spell disappointment for a number of people. First, because the Microsoft TV team says the telco TV-enabled console will NOT be appearing on the Microsoft stand in the exhibition area: Its hands-on availability is being restricted to one-to-one sessions away from the show floor.

Light Reading has bagged a slot, and fully expects Microsoft TV's worldwide director of marketing and communications, Ed Graczyk, to have some suitably entertaining sports channels set up for the fast channel-change demo, as well as some family-oriented Xbox games, of course.

The other disappointed folk will be at Siemens Communications Group , or Nokia Networks , as it might be called by then. Its main telco TV executive, Chris Coles, is delivering an IPTV World Forum keynote address in another presentation suite at the same time. Someone had better warn him not to expect a large crowd for his presentation...

— Ray Le Maistre, Scheduling Editor, Light Reading

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