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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Cable Show -- In a world of TV Everywhere, television blackouts for local sporting events are starting to seem a bit archaic. But while the current rights system lives on, This Technology LLC is making it easier for service providers to monetize their content channels even when sports broadcasts or other live event feeds aren't available. Adding to the Alternate Content Delivery System it launched last year, This Technology has now introduced functionality for dynamic ad insertion within alternative streams in IP-based linear environments. Specifically, the company has crafted a way to insert advertising dynamically into alternative content streams that run when a sports blackout is in place. The company will demonstrate that ability at the Cable Show this week. While cable operators have been able to dynamically insert ads into alternative content across their QAM networks, that feature had been lacking on the linear IP side. So ad tech vendors such as This Technology and BlackArrow, among others, have been scrambling to develop the capability to dynamically insert ads and other content into live TV streams as MSOs increasingly embrace IP video delivery. Dave Fellows, former Comcast Corp. CTO and now the chair of This Technology's technical advisory board, said in a press statement: "MVPDs [multichannel video programming distributors] need to be able to duplicate functionality across their QAM and IP networks, and providing alternate content delivery is a key part of that." This Technology, which announced a Series A financing round of US$7.5 million in November 2012, debuted its first advertising products at The Cable Show in 2008. (See Advanced Video Ad Startup Banks VC Cash and This Technology Does Ads.) Today, the company's customers include Comcast, Verizon Communications Inc., NBC Universal and ABC Inc. — Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable
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