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IBC Day 2: Square Eyes

3:00 PM -- AMSTERDAM -- IBC2008 -- Here at IBC it's a TV geek's dream. There are enormous high-definition screens pretty much everywhere you look, and more menu interfaces than you could consider in a lifetime.

While generic TV technology has clearly moved on, there are some clear trends emerging from the IPTV/telecom contingent that are highly visible around the 12 halls.

  • Being able to deliver TV/video content to one end-user device -- for example, a TV -- is no longer enough. Developing a service delivery platform that encompasses the three-screen dream (TV, PC, mobile device) is the minimum requirement to be a player these days.

  • IPTV operators are being helped -- some might say even pushed -- into the next stage of telco TV evolution, where they start to source additional revenues from the targeted advertising that, if this industry is to be believed, is the consumer product marketing team's ultimate dream. Many questions remain about the business and campaign models surrounding such capabilities, but it's undoubtedly a big push area.

  • IMS. Yes, that IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). It's the blueprint that's sitting behind one of the IPTV sector's biggest driving forces -- the specification work that's coming out of the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) , a cross-industry organization that is clearly having an impact on current developments. (See Ericsson Takes On IPTV Giants, Open IPTV Forum Has Specs, Thomson Joins Open IPTV Forum , IMS: As Seen on TV, and Carriers, Vendors Form IPTV Group.)
If they can figure a way to clear Amsterdam's traffic congestion too, then they'd definitely be on to a winner...

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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