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DTV's 'Fine' Mess

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) scotched its open meeting on Thursday, but that didn't stop it from meting out fines totaling $6 million to 11 companies, including seven retailers, for violations tied to the February 2009 digital television transition.

The bulk of those fines, about $3.92 million, targeted retailers, hit for not correctly labeling some TV models with analog-only tuners. The combo of Sears and K-Mart are on the hook for $1.09 million, followed by Wal-Mart ($992,000), Circuit City Stores ($712,000), Fry's Electronics ($384,000), Target Corp. ($296,000), Best Buy ($280,000), and CompUSA ($168,000.).

The FCC hit Syntax-Brillian Corp. for $1.26 million, and Precor Inc. for $357,000 for violating digital tuner rules that restrict the importation and interstate shipment of analog-only TVs.

Finally, Poloroid Corp. ($755,000) and Proview Technology Inc. ($300,000) were fined for violating V-Chip rules, which are there to ensure that TV receivers are capable of adapting to changes in the content advisory rating system.

― Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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