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Dish Pumps Up Hi-Def

12:25 PM -- Out to prove that the AMC-14 satellite fiasco really, really had no affect on its near-term high-definition television expansion plans, Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH) announced that it has launched another 22 "national" linear HD networks.

Once again, in case you were still wondering, Dish is still on track to offer 100 national HD channels by year-end.

If you're a Dish sub, here's a list of what you're getting:

Table 1: Dishing up more HD
Network Channel
ABC Family HD 180
Biography HD 119
Bravo HD 129
Cartoon HD 179
Cinemax 5 Star 381
Cinemax HD West 380
Comcast Sports Network Bay Area HD 419*
Comcast Sports Network New England HD 435*
CNN HD 200
Disney HD East 172
ESPNews HD 142
Hallmark Movie Channel HD 187
MGM HD 385
SciFi HD 122
Smithsonian HD 374
Tennis Channel HD 400
Toon Disney HD 174
Travel Channel HD 215
USA HD 105
Weather Channel HD 214
World Fishing Network HD 396
*Launching Wednesday, May 14

Although SES Americom has declared AMC-14 a "total loss" following the launch "anomaly" that occurred on March 15, SES reportedly is trying to sell the satellite to a U.S. government agency. A spinoff of Dish, however, is seeking temporary authority as part of a plan to guide the safe, controlled re-entry of the lame bird. (See The AMC-14 Saga Continues.)

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 3:40:58 PM
re: Dish Pumps Up Hi-Def Well, looks like Dish has no problems giving and taking away when it comes to HD.

Reports, citing the ongoing lawsuit between Dish and Rainbow Media and comments by Charlie Ergen, are saying Dish took down 10 of the 15 thematic Voom hi-def channels...and it won't be long before Dish pulls them all down. Still, Dish said it's confident that it can hit its goal to offer 100 HD nets by year-end by adding channels outside the Voom slate.

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