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Cox to Get Clipped?

Cox Communications Inc. (NYSE: COX) will undergo some big management changes at the end of the year, and sources inside the company tell Light Reading that layoffs are close at hand.

The changes may be the trickle down effects of upcoming leadership changes which Cox announced in a July 25 release. The biggest change: Patrick Esser will take over for 20-year CEO James Robbins at the end of this year. (see Cox Reports Q1).

Cox denies that it is cutting jobs now, but it is leaving the door open for changes. “I am sure that Pat is taking a look at our organizational structure right now, and there might be some organizational changes when he takes over, but we’re not announcing anything now,” says Cox spokesman David Grabert.

The company also announced that CFO Jimmy Hayes will replace the retiring Dennis Berry as COO of Cox Enterprises, Cox’s parent company. A new CFO has not been named, Grabert says.

Cox, the third largest cable provider in the U.S., provides cable, broadband, and voice services to 6.7 million customers; 6.3 million of those are basic cable subscribers (see Cox Picks Empirix for VOIP Monitoring).

The Atlanta-based company has 23,000 employees.

— Mark Sullivan, Reporter, Light Reading

Mark Sullivan 12/5/2012 | 3:03:55 AM
re: Cox to Get Clipped? Thanks for reading the Cox article. We intend to track this situation until the end of the year, so if anyone has any intel on it please email me at [email protected] --Mark
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