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Consumer Reports Says Consumers Like to Bundle

Results of a new survey released by Consumer Reports suggest consumers are pretty happy with the triple play. Among more than 20,000 individuals surveyed, 75% of those who reported subscribing to a discounted bundle of TV, Internet, and phone services said they would "definitely or probably buy that bundle of services again." While the debate rages over à la carte TV programming, it appears customers are largely content to buy multiple entertainment and communications services from a single provider. (See Pondering Prepaid Cable and Cox's $35 'TV Economy' Tier Launches Sans ESPN.) Discount pricing is a big reason for the positive outlook, and Consumer Reports notes that consumers gain more on that front when multiple providers have to compete for business in the same market. Of the service providers Consumer Reports covered, the research outlet found that the FiOS offering from Verizon Communications Inc. and services from WideOpenWest topped the customer satisfaction list, although Verizon did record more negative responses in the billing department. U-verse from AT&T Inc. and most cable companies' service offerings ranked as the next-best bundling choices. Hybrid packages of satellite TV, DSL broadband and landline phone service were among the least satisfying options. (See also Cable Competitors Top TV Satisfaction Survey.) — Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable
mendyk 4/2/2013 | 12:56:37 PM
re: Consumer Reports Says Consumers Like to Bundle I'm sure this has just about everything to do with cost -- the perceived benefit of a deeply discounted deal on multiple services -- as you point out. Advocacy for a la carte also is based on the cost factor. If unbundled services cost the same as bundled ones, consumer preference would likely change. -áSo it's a stretch to say that consumers "like to bundle" -- what they really like is to save some money.
msilbey 4/2/2013 | 12:11:25 AM
re: Consumer Reports Says Consumers Like to Bundle Craig- I sure don't want to pick and choose, but I don't fall into the "millennial" cohort. Curious to see how people in their 20s behave with television as they get older.
craigleddy 4/1/2013 | 7:51:45 PM
re: Consumer Reports Says Consumers Like to Bundle That's funny, if I recall correctly Consumer Reports was one of the outfits advocating for a la carte programming years ago. While breaking up bundles and offering a la carte programming sounds good, we consumers actually don't want to have to pick and choose every product and service -- what's been called "the tyranny of choice."-á
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