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CES 2010: More Scenes From CES

LAS VEGAS -- 2010 International CES -- Just before CES opens for the weekend (and the really HUGE crowds show up), we've got a few more pics from the show floor.

This time, our photo set features glamor and pop, with a few new mobile devices and handheld computer form factors to soak in.

Click on the pic below to launch the slideshow:

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Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:45:03 PM
re: CES 2010: More Scenes From CES

Intel's Infoscape exhibit was pretty impressive.  On the touch-sensitive screen was this sea of cubes.  Each cube had a recent Flickr photo on each face, and if you touched the cube, a little popup would appear to show you the photo straight-on.

They changed it to Twitter feeds later, but since Twitter itself has no pictures, each cube just showed the little Twitter bird.  Less fun.

Intel's point was that the whole display was powered by one Core i7 processor.  Each cube was rotating, and the mass of cubes was undulating like ocean waves.

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