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CES 2009: Show Wrap-Up

Following are links to the IPTV and cable-related news analyses we filed at CES:

And here are the newswires we felt deserved a second look:

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kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 4:13:40 PM
re: CES 2009: Show Wrap-Up Nice summing up in Table 1. But we can not leave out the ComMAXGäó CM1125 multimode mobile WiMAX/EDGE baseband processor from Comsys which was demonstrated using a prototype of their S370 Personal Internet Communicator working on both Mobile WiMAX and GSM networks. I like it because of its native support of WiMAX VoIP coupled with roaming support to GSM using IMS. This is the only practical way today to use WiMAX VoIP with traditional voice networks, both fixed line and wireless. The built in GPS is a bonus.
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