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'Canoe' Updates Coming

NEW ORLEANS -- The Cable Show -- The cable industry hasn't used the show here to completely lift the veil on "Project Canoe," the clandestine cross-MSO advanced advertising project, but at least one MSO exec was at least willing to say when we'll know much more about it: early June. (See Cable's 'Canoe' RFI Paddles Toward Deadline and Who's Rowing 'Project Canoe'? )

That's according to Arthur Orduña, the SVP of policy and product for Bright House Networks , who moderated Saturday afternoon's advanced ad session at the pre-show tru2way Developers Conference.

"Yes, there is a Canoe," he confirmed, as he joking referred to his list of "approved talking points."

He said to expect a "spate of announcements" by early June that will express the objectives of the ad initiative/company, identify all of the stakeholders, and even offer a glimpse at business models.

Orduña noted that Project Canoe aims to give MSOs a mutual platform from a technical standpoint, and that the initiative is not intended to be a sales organization.

Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) chairman and CEO Brian Roberts also referenced Project Canoe Sunday afternoon during the show's opening general session, acknowledging that a new CEO has been hired (or is just about to be hired) to helm the multi-MSO effort.

The sure-fire bet is that David Verklin, who is stepping down as CEO of Aegis Media Americas, will soon be the head oarsman of Project Canoe's -- or whatever long-term name is eventually assigned to the big ad project/company. (See Verklin to Helm Cable Ad Initiative?)

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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