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Cablevision Takes On Internet Video

10:55 AM Jeff Baumgartner and I fight through a bad Skype call to discuss a new service idea from Cablevision that consumers may really like

David Dines 12/5/2012 | 4:42:02 PM
re: Cablevision Takes On Internet Video

Technically I do not doubt that they can pull it off, but I am not sure who they want to serve with this.  The majority of their subscribers already have broadband internet with them so streaming will be available pretty soon on Blu-Ray players and via TVs without a box.  I guess if they have customers who are TV only, or in areas where bandwidth is restricted this could make sense.  

Also they do not address the cost of the systems and are they going to absorb it or pass it on.

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Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:42:02 PM
re: Cablevision Takes On Internet Video

I think one of the ideas here is to allow customers to bring Web-sourced video to the TV without requiring them to shell out for a new Blu-ray or some other Internet-connected device and do the home networking piece, which can be complicated task for some consumers. Also, this is for customers who subscribe to the video and broadband package. As far as the question on who they intend to serve with this, the answer is: just about everyone. JB

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