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Bracing for the Comcast-NBCU Clincher

Happy Friday, cable gang. With Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK)'s merger with NBC Universal slated to close today, here's a roundup of the reactions leading up to the big clincher.

  • Much of the early coverage focuses on the new, peacock-free corporate logo Comcast created for NBCU, which NPR says will "thrill you into deep relaxation."

  • The New York Times profiles Comcast veteran and new NBCU Chief Steve Burke, including details about his humorous annual holiday card which is "legendary within Comcast."

  • USA Today takes a look at the influence Comcast could have on operations at NBC News, recalling the time former General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) CEO Jack Welch told NBC News to "back off" a story about problems at nuclear power plants in the 1980s.

  • B&C notes that NBCU employees will get free cable, but the perk applies only if they live in Comcast’s service area.

  • Variety ponders the synergy that Comcast execs promise will come from the takeover.

  • The Los Angeles Times says NBCU employees should brace for "culture shock."

  • Deadline Hollywood says that Burke, "after coming across as a bit at a stiff" at previous meetings, looked "relaxed, personable and authentic," at a town hall meeting with NBCU staffers on Thursday.

  • One analyst predicts the merger will result in "accelerated cable rate increases nationwide."

  • After touring 30 Rockefeller Center and meeting with NBCU employees, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told E! host Ryan Seacrest at a town hall meeting that he had "goose bumps."

    — Steve Donohue, Special to Light Reading Cable

  • Len Grace 12/5/2012 | 5:14:16 PM
    re: Bracing for the Comcast-NBCU Clincher

    As a no-nonsense and very pragmatic leader Burke will bring fresh-air to the NBCU portfolio. He has a great sense of who he is and how to turn NBCU into a well respected and dominant content player.

    He dosen't play politics and relies on subbordinates to make the right decisions with both high ethics and integrity. If they can't, changes will be made. Comcast made the right choice in bringing Burke in early on to align its long-term planning.

    It is a good fit!

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