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Blip.tv Adds Features

NEW YORK -- Blip.tv, a host and distributor of internet TV shows and videoblogs, today announced the launch of its new homepage. The website, located at http://www.blip.tv/ , has been redesigned to highlight blip.tv's top shows and the best episodes of the day.

"We are turning blip.tv into a destination site for people who are looking for high quality independent shows on the Web," says blip.tv CEO Mike Hudack. "Now you can turn to blip.tv if you want to find a great comedy or drama, a travel show or a terrific example of citizen journalism. Our goal is to make everything about Internet TV shows easier -- from watching stellar programming to making and distributing great shows."

New Cross Posting Features

Blip.tv also announced today the launch of a new feature that enables show creators to quickly and easily send videos hosted by blip.tv to their MySpace friends with just one click.

Blip.tv's MySpace integration allows content creators a new and exciting way to distribute videos throughout the Web for maximum exposure and enhances blip.tv's existing distribution platform. Blip.tv users can also send videos to Wordpress, TypePad, Movable Type, Flickr, iTunes, del.icio.us, Upcoming.org, Dabble and a number of other Web services.

"Making it easy for people to send videos and bulletins to MySpace is a wonderful tool for the show creators on blip.tv. With this new feature we've made it easier than ever for our users to bring communities of their peers to their latest and greatest episodes with a simple click of the mouse," blip.tv COO Dina Kaplan explained.


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