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Belgians Eat Up IPTV

2:45 PM -- It seems the Belgians, famous for their funky mealtime combo of mayonnaise with fries, are hungry for IPTV, too.

Incumbent operator Belgacom SA (Euronext: BELG) has just announced its latest financials and notes that, by September 30, it had 1.2 million DSL customers and a very creditable 249,434 IPTV subscribers. (See Belgacom Reports Nine Months.) The service, launched in June 2005, has attracted nearly 110,000 customers this year, pulling in more than 58,000 in the third quarter. (See Belgacom Launches Siemens IPTV.)

The operator says its Belgacom TV service generated €29 million (US$42 million) in revenues during the first nine months of 2007, while capital expenditure "related to TV" during that period was €64 million ($93 million), about 22 percent of its total fixed-line capex.

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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