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Akimbo Re-Arms

6:00 PM -- Akimbo Systems is giving up the hardware game. Rather than offer a specialty VOD box, it's going to be a VOD service for your PC.

Makes sense, given that set-top boxes and/or video game consoles are taking up the VOD function on the TV front. Akimbo, in the hands of a new CEO, has decided it'll have better luck elsewhere. The PC service got announced last month, and now it's all Akimbo's Website talks about. They've left this redirect page (for now) for the old RCA Akimbo Player customers.

The change doesn't guarantee Akimbo will survive, or recoup the $27.5 million it's raised, but at least the company is showing awareness of its surroundings. I don't mean that sarcastically: Failure to recognize inflection points -- whether they're subtle or big enough to leave a mark -- has brought down many a company, private or public.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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