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Aggregator Launches TVOBB

LONDON -- Aggregator Limited today announced the launch of its first TV-over-Broadband (TVoBB) service, a ground-breaking Russian language portal that is set to change the TV viewing habits of over half a million Russians living in the UK. MoeTV (pronounced 'my-oar TV' and meaning My TV in English) will go live later this month and will provide a vast collection of on-demand entertainment, drama, current affairs, films, documentaries, music and children's programming. Consumers interested in the service can pre-register by going to www.moe.tv and entering their email address. The service will offer around 400 hours of programming at launch, growing to an average of 1000 hours, refreshed monthly.

MoeTV is a unique service, combining the speed of broadband and the best in Russian television with high quality pictures and sound. At launch Aggregator has secured licences for programming from over 20 content suppliers including Amedia, Discovery Networks, Mosfilm, MTV Russia, National Geographic, nTV and RenTV. MoeTV has no mandatory subscription charges, meaning consumers can choose to obtain content on a per-view basis of 99p to GBP 2.99 per programme or to view unlimited content for a GBP 15.99 monthly payment. All the viewer needs to receive MoeTV is a broadband connection from any ISP and a PC or laptop. Programming can be viewed on the PC or on the TV using a media extender. Aggregator has built a unique TVoBB content delivery platform, based on open standards technologies, to provide the viewer with a quality and easy to use service - for example MoeTV can schedule downloads so that users don't exceed their ISP's monthly download limits.

"The launch of this service will provide broadcast-quality television services to the 500,000 Russian speakers in the UK," said Aggregator's co-founder and Director of Programming, Chris Griffin. "This is a well-educated, affluent community that has grown rapidly in the UK but is woefully underserved by mainstream television platforms. MoeTV can ensure that they, and their families, stay in touch with their language and culture while they are living abroad."

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