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SoftAtHome builds RDK-based video platform for service providers

PARIS – SoftAtHome, an independent software company for broadband, video, and analytics, is proud to announce its newest product based on RDK open source software for the global video industry, as part of its Video portfolio. As an RDK preferred member since 2014, SoftAtHome has enriched the solution for broadcast, broadband and OTT operators with critical new features:

Subscribers expect to have access to more and more services from different video platforms. Operators must find solutions to manage this increasing complexity. RDK is a shared software platform that provides software building blocks and standardized components to manage complex video and management functions such as content rendering and security, device management and networking. RDK's opensource approach enhances quality and encourages cooperation between operators. With the vast majority of the codebase handling commonalities, operators can focus their resources on developing unique selling propositions for their market. Many stakeholders can integrate into an RDK based service, but now there is a new off-the-shelf RDK Video solution for operators.

At the latest RDK America summit, that took place virtually, SoftAtHome presented its RDK Video-based product in a fully working implementation (see the video here: https://rdkcentral.com/summit-virtual-content/softathome-video/).

SoftAtHome's ImpressioTV UI works with RDK for an advanced and user-friendly TV experience. This white-labelled experience includes multi-user profiling for better recommendations and is built with data privacy by design. It fits operators' needs to optimize user-experience, proposes personalized content while keeping data private with a mix of several technologies and AI algorithms.

Read the full announcement here.


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