Show Stuff: Is It Good, or Is It Wack?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The wheels of the jet had hardly touched pavement here on Tuesday afternoon before my email inbox was flooded with cable-related tech-mology announcements. But is it good or is it wack?

Here's a quick review of what caught my eye and why…

  • On the M&A front, and almost completely under the radar, Sandvine Inc. expanded its portfolio with the closing of its acquisition of CableMatrix Technologies Inc. , a policy server maker that competes with the liked of Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), C-COR Corp. (Nasdaq: CCBL) and Camiant Inc. To top off a busy day, Sandvine also announced a deal to acquire Simplicita Software Inc. For the bean counters out there, the combined deals are valued at $4.5 million in cash, and 900,000 Sandvine common shares

  • BigBand Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: BBND) has lined up a bevy of demos, including HDTV over Docsis. Talk about an app that's in the wheelhouse of Docsis 3.0 and the modular cable modem termination system. That sound you hear is cable bandwidth being sucked at a clip of 20 to 30 Mbit/s. Can't wait to see this one in action…

  • Speaking of Docsis capacity, Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is trying to protect its embedded base of flagship BSR 64000 CMTSs with the introduction of a "decoupled" downstream module that provides up to 138 downstream channels and up to 5 Gbit/s of aggregate downstream capacity. For good measure, Motorola is making some hay off its acquisition of Broadbus Technologies with the announcement of several video-on-demand (VOD) deployments with cable overbuilder WideOpenWest. (See Motorola Scoops Up Broadbus.)

  • BigBand is apparently big on boasting milestones when cable shows are in season. After announcing a deployment mark for switched digital video (SDV) in April, the company revealed this week it had shipped more than 70,000 edge QAMs way back in 2006 -- "more, the company believes, than any other supplier." As we reported on Tuesday, there are plenty of eQAM suppliers these days, so get in while the gettin's good...

  • As expected, Concurrent Computer Corp. (Nasdaq: CCUR) launched its flash-based video server, the MediaCache 1000. Rival vendor SeaChange International Inc. (Nasdaq: SEAC) unveiled a similar product earlier this year, so this qualifies as a bona fide trend in the VOD biz. (See A Flashy Approach to VOD and Concurrent Bows Flash Gear.)
C-COR Corp. (Nasdaq: CCBL) has lined up a solid panel for Wednesday at 7 a.m. Eastern Time (yes, Eastern Time), so it's time to get some shut-eye.

More tech-mology news from the other tradeshow happening this week will be coming.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Cable-Tec Expo Reporter Guy, Cable Digital News

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