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Rovi's Guide Scales 500,000 DTAs

DENVER -- The digital transition has prompted cable operators to install millions of digital terminal adapters (DTAs) in homes with old-style analog television sets. To illustrate just how far and wide DTAs have spread, Rovi Corp. announced that it has now successfully deployed program guides on more than 500,000 of the low-cost set-tops across the US and Latin America. The Rovi guides have been implemented on both standard and high-definition boxes from Arris Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRS), Evolution Digital LLC and Pace Micro Technology . (See Rovi Roams to More Devices.)

There's a tight limit to the functions that a DTA can perform because of the restrictions that the FCC has placed on deploying advanced set-tops with integrated security. However, Rovi's software provides an interactive program guide with details on channel line-ups, parental control features and multi-language support. Armstrong Cable in the US and Cablevision Argentina are among the service providers using the Rovi guide on DTAs.

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"Rovi has provided significant support as we execute our strategy of enhancing subscriber satisfaction while moving to an all-digital environment," said Armstrong Vice President of Cable Marketing Dave Whittmann in a statement. "Rovi not only delivered the high-quality navigation experience needed to make the process easy and positive for our customers, but also the assistance required to streamline the service-wide rollout."

The transition from analog to digital cable, which DTAs enable, continues to be a priority for the industry as operators seek to reclaim spectrum for more advanced services. The new DOCSIS 3.1 standard will also need more spectrum freed up for full implementation.

— Mari Silbey, special to Light Reading

kq4ym 9/23/2014 | 7:49:23 PM
Half Million - How Many To Go? With 500,000 guides installed I wonder what number Rovi may be looking for in the future. If the service and technology works well for the consumers and cable companies, how much competition should they be expecting to enter the market as well?
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