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Report: Next-Gen Access Rules

There’s no doubt that enterprise demand for bandwidth is growing rapidly, and the latest report from Infonetics Research Inc. finds providers of next-generation access services are sitting in the catbird seat (see Infonetics Reports on Next-Gen Access).

Infonetics says 15 percent of medium and large organizations in North America were using high-speed access for metro services last year, and it expects that figure to jump to 50 percent by 2009. The percentage will be even higher for wide-area networking (WAN) services, which the research firm says will climb from 63 percent to 83 percent.

Half of the respondents to the study said they intend to significantly increase bandwidth for metro or WAN services by 2007.

As the report notes, with the upsurge of bandwidth-intensive applications like video, companies are reaching the limits of capacity provided by legacy Frame Relay and ATM services and are instead turning in increasing numbers to Ethernet and optical networks.

Heavy Reading’s new report, Carrier Ethernet Equipment Market Outlook points to new carrier features on networking equipment as helping to boost enterprise interest in Ethernet, which continues to boom (see Carrier Ethernet Forecast: Extended Heatwave). They’re starting to approach access services as a commodity, prompting service providers to offer more bandwidth at a lower cost per bit.

Light Reading’s Ethernet Services Directory also bears out the trend, listing 461 different services from 256 companies offering various combinations of private line, Internet access, voice, video, and storage. Operators are also looking at additional ways to attract customers wanting to make use of higher bandwidth, providing tailor-made services for vertical markets (see Exponential-e Woos Media).

With prices falling, Infonetics’s survey found that network reliability is a major factor when organizations are comparing services, and the primary reason they might decide to switch to another provider.

— Nicole Willing, Reporter, Light Reading

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