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Redneck Tradeshow

12:40 PM -- ATLANTA -- Maybe its just because we're in Georgia and I'm just a narrow-minded Yankee, but there's a real redneck vibe here at TelcoTV. Perhaps a lot of the companies represented here sent people from the Southeast region of the U.S. That would explain the fact that I too am starting to speak with a southern drawl.

Or maybe it's seeing everyone walking around the tradeshow floor during the cocktail hour with cans of Bud Light in their hands. Or is it the fact that almost everyone attending this show seems to think that high school football is that must-have piece of content for telcos?

Once outside the friendly confines of the Georgia World Congress Center, the situation only intensifies. At the bar last night, all the young ladies leapt at every chance to line dance. There was a karaoke machine set up at this institution as well, and one gentlemen who sang several songs donned a Dale Earnhardt NASCAR hat on top of his awesome mullet and referred to himself simply as "Mississippi."

Another fellow standing at the bar wearing gym shorts informed me that he had gotten married that very day. "So wait," I asked. "You were married on a Wednesday afternoon and now you're hanging out at a shady bar in downtown Atlanta dressed like you just came back from a pickup game of basketball?" He merely beamed with pride in response. There was no sign of his lucky lady.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like the South a lot. I just think people should need a passport to come down here.

— Raymond McConville, Reporter, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:00:05 PM
re: Redneck Tradeshow Gads. Makes me sorry I passed on going out Wednesday night.... or maybe not...

In defense of the attendees, you've got a lot of rural telcos there who carry that midwestern lilt that comes close to the southern drawl. But yeah, the Atlanta location probably brought in a lot of regional interest.

The show's in Anaheim next year. Oh well.
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