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Pedestal Taken Down a Notch

DSLAM equipment provider Pedestal Networks Inc. had a pre-Thanksgiving holiday surprise for some of its employees last week: layoffs.

Pedestal’s VP of marketing, Corey Geiger, confirms that some employees were let go, but he wouldn't comment on rumors that as many as half the employees were given their walking papers.

In January, Pedestal said its roster had grown to 57 people and the numbers were set to increase, thanks to the funding it received back then (see Headcount: Laying Off Layoffs). Geiger said the layoffs at the Fremont, Calif.-based company were meant to adjust the skill set within the company to match the areas where they have had success over the last year, primarily with the IOCs and national carriers.

“These changes didn’t measurably impact the groups where we have good traction,” Geiger says. “In 2004, Pedestal cast a wide net to cover everything from the very small to the very big, and we needed to reevaluate where we are going.”

He cited Pedestal’s recent completion of the Osmine process as one example of a skill set that no longer requires the same intensity at the company (see Pedestal Server's Ready for RBOC). “We simply shifted our resources to other areas,” he said. “It in no way compromises those areas of the company where we’re successful.” Demand for remote DSLAMs has been increasing among the RBOCs and Pedestal has been turning heads with the flexibility and simplicity of its products (see Verizon Wrangles Remote DSLAMs). In fact, Pedestal’s Universal Broadband Server 2 was picked as a finalist for Light Reading’s Leading Lights awards in the Best New Private Product category (see LR Produces Private Product Finalists).

Geiger says Pedestal has a positive outlook for 2005, noting that the company has recently landed some nice-sized customers, like Cincinnati Bell Inc. (NYSE: CBB). "Long term, we believe that this market is coming to us,” he says. “We made changes to ensure we’re in a position to take advantage of it.” — Chris Somerville, Senior Editor, NGS

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