Who Will Nab Hulu?

Here's what's making cable waves before the big weekend.

  • Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Amazon.com Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN), Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH) and DirecTV Group Inc. (NYSE: DTV) have bid or will bid on Hulu LLC by this weekend's deadline, The Wrap reported. One unnamed bidder expressed concerns about Hulu's ability to pull a profit, making it difficult to justify the video Web hub's $2 billion asking price. BTIG Research 's Richard Greenfield is against a sale, but views Google as the front-runner because Hulu could accelerate Google's desire to offer more premium video.

  • The top 18 U.S. cable MSOs and telcos -- representing roughly 93 percent of the market -- added 350,000 net high-speed Internet subs in the second quarter, the second lowest quarterly total in the 10 years Leichtman Research Group Inc. (LRG) has been tracking the numbers. Cable operators got 77 percent of the net broadband additions, and ended the quarter with a 56 percent share of the market. AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) added 628,000 fiber subs, a total almost washed out by a net loss of 578,000 DSL subs.

  • Engadget has come across a teaser ad for a DirecTV product called Nomad that appears to be a video place-shifting device that would compete with the Slingbox. Motorola Mobility LLC , by the way, is cooking up something similar for Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) called the Televation. (See Moto, Comcast Team on In-Home TV Streamer .)

  • The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and American Cable Association (ACA) aren't big fans of the Universal Service Fund reform plans submitted by incumbent telcos to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) . The NCTA had some specific nits about the telco-backed America's Broadband Connectivity plan, arguing that it would still provide funds to incumbents without requiring them to demonstrate a concrete need.

    — Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

  • Cooper10 12/5/2012 | 4:55:16 PM
    re: Who Will Nab Hulu?

    DirecTV has referenced the Nomad product on their earnings releases, most recently saying it will begin to deploy before the end of the year.  Comments from DirecTV would lead you to believe it enables a download model (vs. streaming), with Mike White stating that customers would be able to enjoy their DVR recordings on an iPad.  Curious to see what programmers reactions will be as more service providers (beyond DISH) begin to use CPE to enable video on IP devices, vs. streaming from the network (which was the source of the Viacom litigation w/ TWC and Cablevision).


    Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:55:12 PM
    re: Who Will Nab Hulu?

    Thanks,  that would make it more of a side-loading product.. not nearly as exciting, though. JB



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