TW Cable Puts Android in the Picture

5:10 PM -- Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) is getting close to launching its first app for Android tablets, but the first version out the door won't let customers stream live TV feeds.

The MSO expects to launch the first Android app sometime next month, offering some of the basics -- an interactive program guide, the ability to use the tablet like a remote control, and a DVR Manager that lets customers set recordings remotely.

But the most interesting app -- streaming of a portion of the MSO's live TV channel lineup -- likely won't show up until early next year.

"After Android's release of Ice Cream Sandwich in the first few months of 2012, we will be able to offer a live streaming TV experience," the company noted Monday on its blog.

As with the MSO's popular iPad app, expect access to video streaming to be limited to the reach of the home Wi-Fi access point. TW Cable ruffled some feathers when it started letting customers stream to homebound iPads, and it's expected that out-of-home access won't come about until after the MSO and the networks smooth things over. TW Cable and Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA) are trying to work out their differences outside the courtroom. (See TWC's iPad App Launches With (Some) Live TV and TW Cable, Viacom Take iPad Fight to Court .)

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Light Reading Cable

pmicali1 12/5/2012 | 4:50:06 PM
re: TW Cable Puts Android in the Picture

I feel like I haven't read up enough on the subject but I'm curious to know what the average consumer response has been to the news, as well as the initial roll out of their iPad app.  I know that I had plenty of issues with it (downloaded this summer on the iPad 2) and it has seen marginal improvements over its lifetime.  It’s pretty functional at this point, now I'm just waiting for them to get HBO access on HBO Go (I know it’s a different service, however I find it kind of odd given the nature of the two companies, i.e. ownership...)

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:50:05 PM
re: TW Cable Puts Android in the Picture

The initial reviews were pretty positive but tempered a bit when usage overwhelmed the system for a while.  The recent reviews at iTunes have been up and down from what I can find. Though I wonder how the novelty of these apps wear off after a few months.  In-home streaming is nice to have, but the real power of these apps will be known when MSOs get the rights to extend access out of the home. JB

pmicali1 12/5/2012 | 4:50:05 PM
re: TW Cable Puts Android in the Picture

Couldn't agree with you more, in-home is a nice novelty to have (watching in bed is always nice!) but I feel like the true test and potential appeal will be for streaming on the go.  I enjoyed Comcast's service while I still had them as a provider so I'm hoping that TWC will provide a good option as well.  It will certainly make those long waits at the airport a little bit more bearable.

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