Roll Video: The Boxee Box Event

9:00 AM -- BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Boxee CEO Avner Ronen argues that his company's over-the-top video service and its new broadband-fed Boxee Box won't encourage cable TV cord-cutting in a "significant way." (See Ronen: Boxee Isn't a Cable Killer.)

That's what he told Cable Digital News contributor Steve Donohue, who was on hand at last night's big Boxee event in Brooklyn. Here's a clip of that interview with Ronen, who also addressed Boxee's product and service strategy and apparently hates exposure to direct light.

Those who were following the event on Twitter went nuts when the Boxee Box crashed during the demo of the beta. Here's what happened, along with Ronen's big save:

And the audience Q&A, where Ronen offers his solution to video piracy:

Want more video from the event and its excitable crowd? Here's Steve's entire Boxee event playlist.

— The Staff, Cable Digital News and Light Reading

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