DVDs Aren't Dead Yet

9:20 AM -- This story indirectly raises a few questions about where broadband providers stand in the whole digital content food chain.

Filmmakers still rely heavily on DVD sales to pay the rent. They can find an audience online, but they don't have the ability to convert that attention into gold coins.

But here's why I'm bringing this up: Doesn't it seem that broadband providers could be cutting some significant (or, at least, interesting) deals with independent filmmakers?

Service providers could go from being entertainment nobodies to becoming THE broadband platform for new films. That might not load their coffers with gold coins (cash is worthless, in case you haven't heard), but it sure does sound cool, right?

Most cable and DSL providers in the U.S. charge within $5 of the same price for a comparable 3- to 6-Meg broadband service. Is it still important for those companies to do something to prove that their dumb pipe is more valuable than the next guy's?

A creative deal with some creative filmmakers could be very interesting.

I don't know if content is king anymore. But it does add value.

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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