Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

NEW YORK -- Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH) will be the exclusive pay-TV distributor of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) TV hardware when advanced TV service launches later this month, but a top executive at the satellite TV giant says that that exclusivity will be temporary.

"We have an exclusive agreement for a short period of time to seed the marketplace," Dish EVP Michael Kelly acknowledged at an event here Wednesday where Logitech Ltd. unveiled a Google TV set-top, wireless keyboards, and a "TV Cam" videophone that will enable subscribers to use TVs as a display for video phone calls.

Dish is the first TV service provider to support a "pairing protocol" that enables features such as DVR search. Dish will likely hold onto this de facto exclusivity until another develops the technology. Dish, however, does have an exclusive marketing deal with Logitech whereby it can offer the Logitech device (called the "Revue") for a US$179 promotional price.

Logitech’s Google TV receiver, which sells for $299 at retail, will be able connect to set-tops from Dish Network and other pay-TV providers via a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection, and allow users to integrate TV listings from their local pay-TV provider with Google TV. But only customers of Dish Network will be able to access content from their DVRs when Google TV launches, Logitech executives said.

Dish also expects to embed Google TV in its own DVRs, and Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) plans to ship Google TV-ready HDTVs. Google and Logitech have yet to announce any other deals with pay-TV providers for the new platform.

Earlier this week, Google announced it had struck deals to offer video from HBO and networks from Turner Broadcasting System Inc. via Google TV. The platform, which integrates Internet video content and Web-based search with live TV, also counts partners such as Amazon.com Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN), Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX), and Pandora Media Inc. . (See HBO Is GO for Google TV

Google TV won’t feature any content from Hulu LLC , since the popular Web video hub has blocked access to its site, Logitech EVP of products Junien Labrousse told reporters Wednesday. But Google and Hulu executives are in talks, he added. (See Hulu Opens Toll Road and Hillcrest: Hulu May Be Is Blocking 'Kylo' TV Browser.)

At Wednesday's event, Logitech executives demonstrated how Google TV can allow users to push content from Android-based smartphones from YouTube Inc. to a TV. Google TV users will also be able to use an iPhone, iPad, and Android phone as a remote control for Google TV.

Verizon and other providers also allow users to use smartphones as a remote control for their pay TV platforms.

Logitech also showed how Google TV users can use mobile devices to conduct voice searches for TV shows and movies.

Also worth noting from the Google TV briefing:
  • Amazon, Best Buy Inc., and Logitech began taking orders today for the Logitech Revue receiver and wireless keyboard, which retails for $299.99. A "mini controller," which offers the same functions as the wireless keyboard, costs $129.99. The Logitech TV Cam will retail for $149.99.

  • While Logitech and Google executives emphasized that Google TV is designed to be integrated with cable and satellite platforms, they said it could be connected directly to a TV through an HDMI connection.

  • Google TV won’t enable multi-room DVR functionality. "First things first," Labrousse said.

  • On a privacy note, while Google will track which programs its users watch, and allow users to track their favorite programs, it will allow users to delete their channel surfing history, or turn off the function completely.

— Steve Donohue, Special to Light Reading Cable

JasonS132 12/5/2012 | 5:16:23 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

Hi my name is Jason, I am an employee for Dish network, but more then that I am an avid technology hound. I love new things I can play with.

The Logitech revue when purchased through DISH network is 179.00 with no commitment, but there is a 4.00 monthly fee for the two way communcation intergration.  Basically so the Revue will talk to the DVR and get recorded items off teh ahrd drive, or find a show in the EPG for starters.

If you do have any questions let me know. Always happy to answer any you might have.

opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 5:16:20 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

I am not sure I understand this product.

I've always been intrigued by the gap between the traditional center of family entertainment, the TV, and the Internet on PCs. Companies try various ways to bridge this gap, many of them awkward.

So by having two boxes connected to my TV, Dish's and Logitech's, I can use Google's software to push a Youtube video from my Android phone to my television? What the heck???

JasonS132 12/5/2012 | 5:16:20 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

Yes, the Logitech revue will run the google tv features, so that will search the internet for your you tube videos, and internet content matching your search. If you have the DISH dvr integrated with the logitech revue, the when you do the search it will add into searching your recorded DVR;s on y our receiver, it will the program guide for anything matching it, also VOD(Video on Demand) and DISH Online. Whish is a site Dish put up in August for our customer that has movies and tv series on it. I don't have an android phone so I don't know if you can push it from the phone to the TV but I can't see why you wouldn't be able to.

JasonS132 12/5/2012 | 5:16:19 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

I can see your point on that one for sure. I would think that it might be something like the Sling adapter when it comes to the DISH network receiver.

Dish has the 922 DVR which comes with the sling adapter built into it, I would be all about a receiver that had the Revue built into for sure.

Now if the technology gods hear are cries :D

Its a great product idea and with feedback they will get it to an even better place. But everything before it becomes "mainstrean" starts as a niche device.

I see your point, some people will run from it, but their is always a learning curve in anything, and like I stated your idea might be in the future plans to integrate everything in one box... but for now its box heaven in the entertainment system. lol

opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 5:16:19 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

I don't have an android phone so I don't know if you can push it from the phone to the TV but I can't see why you wouldn't be able to.

You miss my point. The point is why would you want to? And why did they pick this really awkward example to show off their product?

A self described technological hound like you may salivate at all these boxes doing complicated things together, but most consumers will run away in fear.

A more elegant approach is Netflix's. Their software is built-in to Blue Ray players (and many other devices connected to TVs such as game consoles), to seamlessly supply streaming video.

If Google TV and all its features were offered built-into Dish's boxes with one easy-to-use consistent menu to access the various types of video content from different sources, I'd be impressed.

rjmcmahon 12/5/2012 | 5:16:16 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

This isn't going to save Dish as the younger generation forgoes broadcast distribution of media and because there is no such thing as Google TV.  Nobody gets paid and youtube remains to be junk.   In the meantime, GOOG is being marginalized as Facebook figures out how to capture and hold the target audiences without having to pay anything for content.  As a Tera says, every console,dvd player, etc. throws in access to netflix, amazon, etc. "for free."   

cnwedit 12/5/2012 | 4:21:41 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

The first hurdle will be the cost. Based on what the J.D. Powers survey said yesterday, consumers are looking for CHEAP ways to view video, and to start by selling out $180 for Google TV appliances may not fall into the low-cost category. So I don't think DISH will get much of a bounce from this.

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:21:41 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

I'll be curious to see if this exclusive, albeit fleeting, will do much to move Dish's subscriber needle.  Google TV, along with the reduced price via Dish, will have some cache early on for the gadget braggarts, but wonder how this will help with churn or sub additions.  It'll take a few quarters before we know.  Based on what Google brings, anyone care to take a guess on how this will do with Dish?  Will it be a blockbuster (okay, I'll admit that that term no longer means what it used to mean), have a negilible effect, or somewhere in between? JB



Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:21:40 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

Good point. Based on those findings, suppose that may favor the new $99 Apple TV product, so I'll be interested to see when/if Apple releases any prelim sales figures on that one.  JB

Cooper10 12/5/2012 | 4:21:39 PM
re: Dish's Google TV Exclusive Will Be Brief

Google TV offers many of the same features that have been available on a Media Center PC for quite a while - except a Media Center PC with an integrated CableCard is a more elegant CPE solution than piggy-backing a Logitech receiver onto a pay TV STB via IR blaster.

Will be a niche product with negligible sales volume, and will ultimately go the way of Nexus One, the short lived Google phone.

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