Didja See Phylo?

11:00 AM -- We're still wondering what NBC Universal and News Corp. are going to call their YouTube competitor. Our latest guesses come from three trademark applications submitted by NBC Universal and its affiliates recently that sound, well, YouTubey:

Didja: Described in the trademark application as "a web site of online video archives of television commercials and movie trailers for registered users to participate in social networking such as voting, commenting, rating, and sharing with each other comments and discussion related to or generated by the archived television commercials and movie trailers… "

TV for Me: This one sounds more like an iTunes competitor. It describes "downloadable television programs and motion pictures featuring live and pre-recorded action, drama, comedy, science fiction, animation, music, news, and general entertainment; downloadable games, ring tones, graphics and music via a global computer network for computers and wireless devices; pre-recorded audio recordings featuring motion pictures and television programs."

Phylo: This one sounds squarely in YouTube's court, mainly because it's so general. The description says Phylo will provide "online transmission services, namely the digital aggregation and delivery of movies, television programs and content for others over public and private communications networks; Computer software for enabling the online delivery of movies, television programs and other video content."

Phylo is the most interesting of the bunch because it sounds like a service. In The Odyssey, Book IV, Phylo is a servant to Helen of Troy, so there's at least a historical hook that folks at NBC marketing could use when describing something that selflessly fetches digital content and provides context for an otherwise confusing jungle of video. And isn't it cool when past civilizations inspire the great content companies today? — Phil Harvey, Name Games Editor, Light Reading

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