Comcast Won't Sell Video to Non-Subs

Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK)'s apparent lack of interest in selling over-the-top video packages to consumers who don't subscribe to the MSO's traditional cable service leads today’s cable news roundup.

  • Just days after Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH) said it wants to be prepared to launch a Web video-only option, The Wall Street Journal runs a Q&A with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in which he says the No. 1 MSO isn't considering marketing an Internet-based video service to non-subscribers. "Where we can add value, at least in the world that I see today, is taking our existing customers and giving them full access to all content online because they're subscribers," Roberts told the paper. (See Dish Paves Way for Streaming-Only Option.)

  • A week after a federal judge mothballed ivi Inc. 's ability to stream local broadcast TV stations, ivi says it'll lobby for a savior in Congress. (See Court Cuts Ivi's Web TV Signal.)

  • Rocco Commisso's Mediacom Communications Corp. is beginning to raise eyebrows for its practice of inserting its own ads on top of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and other websites accessed by the MSO's cable modem subscribers.

  • It's shaping up to be a busy week for the D.C. cable crew as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tackles retransmission consent on Wednesday. (See TV Contract Disputes Heat Up.)

  • Maybe the the eight Oscar feeds ABC Inc. distributed in its "second-screen" iPad app would've worked better as an interactive TV application. (See Comcast Accelerates ITV Development.)

  • Considering Web surfers spent more than seven hours each on Facebook in January, it's easy to see why Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) may turn to the social network to help power its TV Everywhere service.

  • The FCC is hearing it from both sides as Level 3 Communications Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) and Comcast try to bend the Commission's ear regarding whether or not their peering dispute is covered by the recently voted-in net neutrality rules. (See Is Level 3 Right About Net Neutrality?)

  • Google TV isn't getting it done, according to yet another less-than-glowing review of the new service. (See Google TV Guns for Cable Deals .)

    — Steve Donohue, Special to Light Reading Cable

  • john1175 12/5/2012 | 5:11:14 PM
    re: Comcast Won't Sell Video to Non-Subs

    Comcast is a massive force in the TV industry. I mean, they’re everywhere including owning a controlling stack in NBCUniversal. What’s more is that they’re in an absurd amount of homes and business across the US.


    CEO Brian Roberts wants people to know Comcast has this fancy new thing called an iPad app.


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