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AT&T U-verse Goes Streaming

Joining many of its pay-TV brethren, AT&T has added live Internet streaming to its U-verse TV service.

As posted on the AT&T community forums and reported by Engadget, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is now delivering live, in-home access to "approximately 108 channels." Of those channels, 25 are also available for streaming outside the home. Participating networks include the Travel Channel, HGTV, Starz, and Showtime.

AT&T launched live streaming to the iPad for subscribers on September 30 and for the iPhone on October 7. A few live channels are available on Uverse.com today, with more planned for the near future. AT&T plans to introduce support for Android phones and tablets on October 21.

Live streaming has taken a major step forward in 2013. Such key vendors as Adobe Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE) and thePlatform Inc. have boosted their video publishing platforms to accommodate a wider range of TV Everywhere services. Plus, many large pay-TV providers are already offering at least a subset of their channel line-ups live online. (See Adobe Boosts TVE Platform and thePlatform Places Live TV Bet.)

AT&T is not the only provider to offer access to some channels outside the home WiFi network. Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC) introduced out-of-home streaming with a handful of networks last spring, allowing users to access local news and sports channels on its iPad Optimum app. Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) also offers some live content for out-of-home streaming, including programming from Aspire, BBC America, beIN Sports (English/Spanish), FearNet, GMC, Pac-12, and the TVGuide Network. (See Time Warner Takes TV on the Road.)

— Mari Silbey, special to Light Reading Cable

albreznick 10/8/2013 | 12:10:18 PM
Re: The price of mobile thanks for the comment, Devin. If you were an AT&T U-verse customer, would you sign up for this service?
Devin Wang 10/7/2013 | 8:37:42 PM
Re: The price of mobile a good movie by big giant like ATT to compete with Internet company. walk and see!
albreznick 10/7/2013 | 6:44:37 PM
Re: The price of mobile Good point, Sarah. You have to subscribe already to U-verse to get this additional service. The bigger deal would be if AT&T and other SPs opened up their streaming video services to non-subscribers too, as is starting to happen in Europe. But nobody on this side of the Atlanric seems willing to take that 'daring' step just yet. 
albreznick 10/7/2013 | 6:35:57 PM
Re: Dukedom For one thing, it's an acvknowledgement by TWC that it needs more fiber networks, I think. As much as cable operators like to brag about their HFC plant, business customers want all-fiber networks and the bigger firms will insist upon it.   
msilbey 10/7/2013 | 11:57:12 AM
Re: Dukedom I'm trying to find out if there's any connection to TWC's proposal for the North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) initiative. Keep you posted.
mendyk 10/7/2013 | 11:54:26 AM
Dukedom What do our cable experts think of Time Warner Cable's $600M purchase of DukeNet?
Sarah Thomas 10/7/2013 | 11:18:52 AM
The price of mobile Nice move by AT&T. I'm at U-Verse subscriber and would welcome this kind of service. But what's the catch? The way the release was worded it sounds like you have to subscribe to the highest tier to get free access on mobile (or is just for any access at all?). I wouldn't pay for this type of service...I guess it's hoping people will upgrade in order to get it, but I definitely don't fall in that camp. Too many other options.
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