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More P2P Evil

5:45 PM -- So apparently the Wizard isn't the only criminal using P2P technologies for evil. It seems common criminals are now using Limewire, not just to steal music, but to steal your identity.

According to this AP piece, the Justice Department just made its first bust of an identity thief using Limewire.

Gregory Thomas Kopiloff used Limewire to steal the identities of at least 83 victims, and used the proceeds to purchase $73,000 worth of goods as a result.

But the real crime to me is that he didn't take advantage of all the great music Limewire had to offer. According to the AP:

When other users might search on Limewire for "Madonna," Kopiloff would search for "federal tax return," or for student financial aid forms or other financial information, Warma said. And instead of getting access to a few hundred files containing "Like a Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach," he would get a few hundred files containing tax returns.

I mean, really. He passed up "Papa Don't Preach"? Homeboy is missing out.

— Ryan Lawler, P2P Proselytizer, Light Reading

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