Mediacom CEO tells employees they'll get full pay, benefits through at least May 31

MEDIACOM PARK, NY – Rocco B. Commisso, the Founder and CEO of Mediacom Communications, issued the following statement today:

"As our nation's battle against the Coronavirus intensifies, I continue to be amazed and inspired by the courage and resiliency of the Mediacom Family. From our engineers, technicians and customer care representatives to our warehouse personnel, everyone is working tirelessly to keep our network running and to make sure the customers we serve stay connected.

"While this health crisis has caused serious financial problems for thousands of businesses across the United States and forced millions of Americans into the unemployment line, I want all Mediacom employees to know that our company is stable both operationally and financially.

"In the 25 years since I founded Mediacom, we have never resorted to laying off our employees, even during the worst economic downturns. We have no plans to start now as our belief has always been that if our employees take care of our customers and our communities, we will take care of them."

"I want to assure all 4,500 of our employees that Mediacom intends to continue to provide them with gainful employment, pay and benefits through at least May 31, 2020. By that time, we hope this pandemic will be over and our business and lives will return to normal."

Mediacom Communications

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