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Last Call

6:00 PM -- A few things you should see before heading out for a precious pint of Hump Day Hefeweizen:

  1. Inside LR: Check out our new featured content, um, feature at the bottom of www.lightreading.com.

  2. Huawei: They are absolutely stealing market share in the worldwide telecom equipment space. What? Poor word choice? Sorry.

  3. AT&T: The iPhone exclusivity is providing a tremendous boost to AT&T, and we have to wonder: What will happen when Apple's dream device either (1) slides in popularity or (2) is made available to other carriers to sell on their networks? Look for Dan Jones to expound on the iPhone's possible RAZR factor in an upcoming blog.

  4. Verizon: Before cable gets its act together with wideband and whole-home DVRs, Verizon is giving consumers some solid incentives to switch their service, without breaking the bank. They even sated the media with a catchy quote: "And, unlike some cable providers, Verizon doesn't penalize subscribers for using all the speed they need."

  5. Reader Feedback: "This not yuppie flicker of facebook," complains bollocks187 (if that is his real name) in a recent post. I couldn't agree more. I think.
— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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