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Joost's Got Balls

10:00 AM -- The new version of Joost , the peer-to-peer Internet video service backed by the Skype Ltd. guys, has a new addition that EuroBlog really loves. (See Skypsters Fast Forward to Internet TV.)

It's called The Soccer Channel. Right now I am checking out David Beckham's greatest goals, which, given how many he notched up for Manchester United, should run for a while!

There's a lot of Italian soccer on here -- hours worth of goals and great saves. I fear for my daytime productivity levels... [Ed. note: productivity?]

A few things worth noting with this latest version. As before, there is very little in the way of frame loss, and the quality of the video is impressive. A big leap forward is the speed at which you can change channels or programs. That's down to about 5 seconds now to load a new video -- before, it was about 10 seconds.

Now Joost has signed up CBS content, too, including full episodes of CSI shows, to follow its deal with Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA). (See Joost Signs With Viacom and CBS Gets Joost.)

This has got to be a worry for the traditional TV companies that rely on advertising for their revenues, especially as Joost now has some of the world's biggest brand names, such as Vodafone Group plc (NYSE: VOD), running their adverts in this latest beta version.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Couch Potato, Light Reading

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