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Here's Looking at eyeVio

12:30 PM -- During the dotcom boom, e-commerce was supposed to wipe out the bricks-and-mortar companies. Even though firms like Amazon prospered, it became more true that the bricks-and-mortar firms just embraced e-commerce for themselves.

Something similar could happen with Internet video's quest to eradicate the TV establishment. The major U.S. networks are putting their own shows online. And today, Sony launched its own YouTube-like video sharing site, called eyeVio.

The site's navigation appears to be based on picking a user first, then scanning his/her videos. Here's a sample that includes folks goofing around in English and footage of a high-energy rock band.

You can find out more about the service through this nifty informational page -- provided you can read Japanese.

Like any hip video service, eyeVio is in beta.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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