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2:30 PM -- The other day I saw one of those "WORK AT HOME NOW!" advertisements that are so common. I chuckled, as in, "so what?"

Now, most of us in the tech world know how easy it is to telecommute in 2006. There's not that much to it -- often it sucks! Here's my list of Top Ten Reason Why Working at Home Is Overrated:

10) Your wife can find you immediately.

9) When your wife finds you, she finds you browsing Exoticautomobiles.com (which you are legitimately visiting to find some sort of link to a blog), and therefore assumes the right to make a sarcastic comment like, "Oh, working hard, eh?"

8) Without a multiline phone, you just don't feel as important.

7) You have to pay for your own air-conditioning. Or worse, you don't even have air conditioning.

6) Cable television in the afternoon? Unless you are ready for Carebears III, don't even think about it.

5) Nap? With three kids in the house, UPS delivery, gangs of workers carrying nuclear-powered leaf-blowers, nosy neighbors, the gas-meter reader, and a schizophrenic postman -- are you kidding me?

4) Despite the fact that your house is engineered with a separate home office, two-door "kid airlock," multiple security devices, and soundproofing, your kids will find a way to disrupt you the moment you try to embark on a conference call.

3) You have to make your own lunch.

2) You're using a VOIP second line, and the power just went out.

1) Telemarketers.

Of course, the telecommute still has its benefits... but that's a list for another day.

— R. Scott Raynovich, Editor in Chief, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:43:23 AM
re: Hellecommuting Adjunct to #3: You have to CLEAN UP after your own lunch. Brutal.

Regarding kids, we've gotten ours trained to leave Daddy alone when the office door is closed. (Insert victory dance here.)

Telecommuters definitely rank #1. Our home phone number was previously owned -- no joke, I really think this is true -- by a little old lady who bought prescription drugs from Canada. Some days, we'll get four or five calls from pharm companies asking for her. I don't even bother answering the home line during the day.
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